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November 2014

Experience in Corporate Video Production Matters

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Studio Corporate ProductionRecently we asked some new clients what factors led to their decision to pick us for their corporate video production in Dallas, Texas.  We’re always glad they picked us, and trusted us to handle their video project, but we’re even more happy when the project ends and we’ve beat their expectations.

Experience in Video Production

Some clients searching for a video production company are concerned that they’re entrusting their story.. their message… their brand, to someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in the industry.  Many business people understand that to become experts in an area, it takes much repetition and practice.  (Making the library of many corporate execs is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and this philosophy is a foundation for what he espouses.) So our clients tell us that we were selected because of our experience.  Our Producer/Director Daniel Millican started working in corporate video communications in the 1980’s.  That’s 30 years, hundreds and hundreds of projects, thousands of videos, and a myriad of awards and recognitions.  This comforts that director of marketing looking for the right team.

A Real Person

In this age of communication, it’s imperative to connect to a real person as quickly as possible.  At Serendipitous Films, we have our main phone number (214-307-2882), which is forwarded to two different people at all times.  We aren’t always able to pick up on every call, but we return messages quickly.  Our clients have commented on how responsive we are.  That’s because when we’re looking for a product or service, we want someone their to take our call, answer our questions, help us out.  So we’re committed to that for our clients as well.

Over Deliver

Our clients tell us that we often over deliver in what we promised.  This is the key to exceeding expectations.  We take a lot of pride in what we do and it shows.

Work With People You Enjoy

Lastly, we’re the nice guys.  We do great work and we have fun along the way.  Life’s too short to create a stressful, drama-filled atmosphere.  We enjoy tough deadlines and crazy objectives.  If all this sounds good for your next corporate video production, gives us a call and check us out.  We’d love to work with you.

Serendipitous Films Creates Web Videos for Permian Lide

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Recently, SFilms was contacted to produce a marketing video for tank and vessel manufacturer Permian Lide.  The original scope was to create a 4 to 5 minute video, with shorter two minutes and one minutes versions pulled from the longer piece.

Permian Lide is one of the leading manufacturers of steel and fiberglass tanks and vessels for the oil field industry.  They have plants all over the country and SFilms visited them all.  A key to the production of this video was to have drone work capture the scale of the facilities, as well as give a different perspective inside the plants.

Here is the long version.

Production Value in Corporate Video

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Red Scarlet on SliderWhat’s Trending in Corporate Video

One of the trends in corporate video production has been the increase in production value.  This can be attributed to several factors– companies realizing that their brand image is directly tied to quality of their corporate communications, and the advent of new and better tools for production.

Old Days of Corporate Video

Twenty years ago, only large corporations could afford a video department.  It could easily take a million dollars to build out a video production facility with a camera and edit room.  In Dallas, one corporation dropped over a million dollars in the early nineties to finish out a little studio. One tape deck (like a Sony BetacamSP BVW 75) was $45K new.  A camera could easily run $70K.  In the nineties, the computer revolution started taking hold (as it had with desktop publishing) and desktop editing was born.

Now, several decades later, you can buy a decent editing station for under $5K and a great camera for that or less.  The “video department” is not the huge burden of overhead for companies that it once was.

Sam With a Cam

As this revolution took place, companies realized that Sam in accounting, who liked to mess around a little with iMovie or Windows Video Maker, could put together that corporate video for the meeting.  What happened next was that a lot of companies had “home videos” for their corporate image– videos living online, on DVD’s, broadcasted in corporate meetings and conferences.  And many times, this lower level of quality led to image perception problems.

Not that Sam was always “home movie” quality– there have been some outstanding work done by home grown video personnel.  But that is the exception, not the norm.

Another important thing to mention– we have seen that sometimes, it’s better for the client to go the “Sam, from Accounting, With a Cam” route.  It might be something that’s internal, where it needs to look viral, or that it’s just important to get the message out.  And that’s fine.  Then there’s other times where production value is incredibly important.

Why Does Production Value Matter?

In every piece of communication, every brochure, webpage, facebook company site, perceptions are being crafted for the company’s brand.  If you have your CEO talking about how good the product or services are, it can’t be cheesy or amateurish– the viewer associates that amateurishness with the product.

Undoubtably, content is king.  Videos go viral that are exactly home videos– done with consumer cameras and made to make you laugh hysterically, or touch your heart to bring tears.  But those are for different purpose.  So companies need to know what their brand plan is and to make sure all the communications fit into that brand.  Production Value matters in sales, it matters in recruitment, it matters in the way consumers feel about the brand.

Use of Music in Corporate Videos

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music for filmThe Corporate Video Music Track

A powerful music track can change a corporate video dramatically.  Sure there are the times where a company is playing the video silently at their trade show booth, but most of the time, videos are watched and listened to.

The foundation of editing is the soundtrack.  Often, when we’re in post production on a corporate video, the audio is the first thing we lay down.  This is common with the “documentary” style corporate video.  We find all the interview soundbites, lay in the music (so we know where to take a breath for a short video montage to music) and often cut to beat for the high impact sports style corporate video.

The Source of Corporate Video Music

Licensing music is an important aspect of corporate work.  Production companies looking to cut corners have placed their corporate clients in danger of legal exposure by the use of unlicensed music.  The standard best practices for video production companies is to have a music library they pay for, getting the rights to use it for their corporate clients.  But what if they want to use that Journey song from the 70’s?  Certainly as much as it’s played, it’s public domain?

No, it’s not.  This is biggest place where companies get into legal hot water.  Sometimes, the inaccurate public domain excuse is used.  Or maybe that it’s for internal use only, so it’s okay.  Or it’s just going to be used for a live conference– one time and forgotten.  All these uses do require licensing.  And it’s not as hard as you might think.  A company can easily license song usage with ASCAP and BMI and the cost for internal corporate video use isn’t exorbitant.

Original Music for Corporate Videos

One area that’s a lot of fun is hiring a composer to create original music for a corporate communication project.  We had one narrative (movie) style video for a large corporation and the character needed to begin by listening to a country song on the radio.  Our composer cooked one up that the client absolutely loved.   Original music can bring the level of the production quality up a huge notch.

At the end of the day, it’s about effectively communicating your corporate message.  The music shouldn’t distract from that.  The point is to enhance the message and get your story out for the maximum effectiveness.

Why Dallas for Corporate Video?

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The Big D King of Corporate Video

Mattress Firm C100The Dallas metropolitan area is a have for corporate video production and corporate communication.  A strong crew base, many video production companies, studios and resources are available in Dallas.  Some might say this is due to the strong number of large corporations headquartered here.  Names like Exxon, Kimberly Clark, Frito-Lay.  But all the large companies will have their own video production divisions or departments.  And you can point to places like Houston– they have many large corporations but the video and film production resources available in Houston are small in comparison to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

The key to the corporate video industry in Dallas is the number of progressive and growing mid-size companies.  Mid-size means they need the communication muscle that the large Fortune 500 companies have, but don’t have the internal resources, so they rely on local production companies to help in their corporate communications.

And progressive means that the company understands the power of today’s video in the corporate world.  Video means better marketing.  YouTube heavily weights video on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Video means better and more consistent training.  Video means more sales.  Progressive mid level companies are tapping into this resource and using it as a powerful tool.

At SFilms, some of our biggest clients aren’t even headquartered here in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  But they utilize us as a resource for their corporate communications.  If you need a corporate communication project, give us a call.  We’d be glad to help.