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Wayward Son Carries On

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When we shot our faith-based movie “The Imposter” in 2008, we were fortunate to cast Kerry Livgren.  In the 1970’s, one of the biggest acts in rock music was the band “Kansas.”  Kerry Livgren, with the long blond hair, was one of the main songwriter/musician of the group.  He write their break out hit “Carry On Wayward Son,” followed by one of the biggest all time hits “Dust in the Wind.”

Kerry is the real deal.  We sat down with him on the set of the movie and talked about his own personal journey.  Here’s that video.  Hope you enjoy!

kerry livgren kansas

Kerry Livgren – Musician of Faith

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Kerry Livgren Wayward SonDuring the shooting of “The Imposter,” I had the unique privilege to spend some time with musician Kerry Livgren.  And for those of you who don’t know who this is– Kerry was a key member of the super group Kansas with such hits as Carry On Wayward Son and Dust in the Wind.  During his time with Kansas, he got saved.  The video below is the interview I did with him about his experience.

Kerry is the genuine deal.  There’s no game playing.  He truly walks what he says he believes.  Few people do that in the church.  And as an update– some of you have heard Kerry suffered a stroke.  This is true and happened about a year and a half after filming “The Imposter.”  It’s a miracle he’s even alive, but he’s back in his studio, crafting musical delights for fans of his artistry.  I for one am glad that God has seen purpose to leave him here with us a little longer.

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