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What to Wear on Camera

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What to Wear on Camera for your Corporate Video

what to wear on cameraSo you’re going to be on camera for your company’s video.  Most of the time an employee is on camera for their employer, it’s for an interview.  There are some simple guidelines to follow to make sure you know what to wear on camera.  If this is your first time to go on camera, check out this article.  To hear Kara talk about Hair and Makeup, click here.

First, here’s what you can expect for the interview– the crew will come in and setup the lighting, camera and sound.  They might put a lavelier microphone on you, which might be as simple as just clipping it on, or it might be hidden under your clothing by a sound professional.  Setup will probably take longer than your actual interview.

Clothing Style

If you’re going on camera for your company, the style of clothing can be varied.  Most of the time, what you wear to the office is a good starting point.  For many, that’s business or business casual.  Different industries have different looks.  Financial industries will keep it more formal– business, suits and such.  Construction might be FRP jeans and heavy shirts.  Retail might be polos and golf shirts.  Video makes a strong impression to the viewer about what your company is and it’s culture– what you wear needs to match what impression you want them to have.


When looking at your closet, there are some choices that are better than others.  You’ll want to avoid white or bright yellows that may reflect light and make you appear washed out on camera.  At the other end of the spectrum, the color black tends to absorb too much light.  And it can drain the color from your face.  Additionally, some bright reds can be too distracting.  Speaking of Red, bright red can cause problems for cameras.  Best to avoid bright red.

The colors that are best for the camera are solid colors in muted or rich jewel tones:  Solid colors such as Blue, Purple, Grey, Navy, Coral, and Green.  Now if your interview will be on a green screen, you will want to avoid wearing green.  Or if it’s blue, avoid that color.


It’s best to avoid busy patterns or tight patterns, such as plaids, herringbone,  checks, or tight stripes that are too close together.  Busy patterns on clothing, including neckties tend to play tricks with the camera causing a distracting wavy pattern on the screen.  You’ll want your audience to focus on your face, not your busy wardrobe.


what to wear on cameraBring a couple of different clothing options that are professional or represent your company.  Make sure you bring comfortable outfits , and choose fabrics that aren’t too heavy or cause you to get too warm under the lights on set.   If you bring several options, you can have the camera operator check them out in front of the camera. Then you can decide which outfit will be best.

Avoid large shiny jewelry that could reflect light back into the camera, or earrings or bracelets that could dangle or make a rattling sound while you are talking on camera.  Always make sure your clothes are ironed and ready for the camera.  There may not be an iron on set or time to take care of that, so make sure you do that before you arrive.

Style your hair away from your face to avoid any shadows and just  Keep everything simple and professional.  For more information on makeup, check out this article.

Now that you know what to wear on camera, relax, you are talking about something you know best, YOU.  And You are going to be amazing!

Hair and Makeup for the Corporate Film or Video

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Are You Ready For Your Corporate Film Closeup?

Welcome to another Sfilms165, corporate film help in 165 seconds or less.   Let’s talk about being Hair and Makeup Ready for the Camera.

If you are getting ready to do a corporate film interview, representing your company, you will certainly want to look your best and be prepared.  If you don’t have the benefit of having a Professional Makeup Artist on set for your interview, you will want to take these tips into consideration.

Why is Makeup Necessary for the Corporate Film?

The camera and lights can sometimes wash out your skin tone.  Therefore Makeup is necessary to help you look your best, cover blemishes, take care of a shiny face, and accentuate your natural features.  In the olden days, the technology was fairly poor and the film running through the camera needed a lot of light to get a good exposure.  That’s why you see actors from the roaring twenties to almost be in white face.  Skip forward to today, and the need for makeup has certainly been reduced.  But even with the leading camera and lighting technology of today, sometimes you still need good makeup for that corporate video interview.

The makeup needs differ for the genders.  Often, men don’t need any makeup.  The most common uses are for shine spots on the head– when powder or foundation can make a huge difference.  For women, they often show up to the corporate office already wearing makeup– so it’s just being aware of the differences between street makeup and being ready for the camera.

makeup for the corporate filmSteps for Applying Makeup

  • Before applying your makeup, make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. Foundation goes on better with moisturized skin.
  • For Women – If possible, use a full coverage foundation, …remembering to blend all over, even along the chin line and below.  Don’t forget the neck as well.  You just want all of your face and neck area to have an even skin tone and color. Sometimes Men can benefit with a very light amount of foundation as well, just to even out any uneven areas, remembering to blend all over as well.
  • Using Blush will help add warmth to your face and applying contour or bronzers can help enhance your features, creating a more chiseled look.
  • Eye Shadow is used to help define your eyes…When choosing eye shadows, neutral shades are best for the camera.  Adding Mascara will frame your eyes and allows the camera to really see you.
  • For any makeup products you choose to use: It’s best to use matte shades for the camera.  Avoid using any light reflective shadows, blushers, bronzers or highlighters.  These tend to make the skin look oily or too shiny.
  • Men: Applying a lip balm on the lips will help keep your lips moist during the interview
  • And for women, lip balm also aids in the application of lip products.  You’ll want to use a matte lip liner to shape the mouth.  And finish the look with a creamy, neutral lip color.
  • And one of the most important products you will want is POWDER.  Both Men and Women will want to apply powder to keep the face from being shiny.  Even if you aren’t sweating from the lights on set, the natural oils in our skin can make you appear shiny on camera.  You’ll want to bring powder along for touch ups before and during the interview.

Don’t Forget About Your Hair

Even though it may look perfect when you leave the house, there are always those pesky fly aways that WILL REALLY BE noticed on camera.  Spray a light amount of hairspray and smooth down any fly aways with your hand.

It’s important to not overdo makeup.  You want to look as natural as possible for the corporate film.  Accentuate the features and cover any blemishes.  You’ll do great!

Tips for Being Interviewed On Camera For The First Time

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Telling your story for your company’s video

Congratulations (or condolences) on you being selected to be in front of the camera for that corporate video. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind to help you out.

Most interviews are conducted “documentary” style—you’re being asked questions by an off-camera interviewer, so you’ll look at them and not the camera. When you look directly at the camera and talk, it’s usually a “spokesperson” role, and is very different to the interview we’re talking about here.

Many people desire to have the questions beforehand. There are pros and cons to this. Most likely, you’re being interviewed because you’re an expert in the subject matter—speaking off the cuff will have a more natural feel. However, you can be more prepared if you were given the questions before the interview.

Also, many people are going to feel nervous—that’s natural, so don’t fight it. By worrying about being nervous, you will only become more nervous, and it will be a cycle you’ll want to avoid.interviewNTE

What to say, what to wear, and more tips for a corporate video interview

• What to wear—avoid tight patterns (close lines, etc.) Avoid bright colors, especially white and red.
• Avoid other companies trademarked logos (for instance, if you’re doing a less formal interview and you’ve got a Nike tee shirt on, with the big swoosh).
• Depending on how you want to present your company, you can choose, business, business casual, or casual.
• Repeat the question back in your answer. Most of the time, we won’t be using the audio from the person asking the question, so we need the context for your answer. If you answered “30,” we would have no frame of reference. Makes a lot more sense if you say “my age is 30.”
• Talk to the interviewer—ignore the cameras.
• Try to not say “as I mentioned before” or “again…” When we edit, we’re looking for a sound bite—a two to five sentence answer. We might ask related questions, trying to get a variation on the answer. So in the final edit, we won’t hear your earlier response.
• Your audio is super important—try not to talk when the interviewer is talking. Likewise, the interviewer shouldn’t talk when you are talking.

Take your time, try to relax. When people are nervous, they tend to speed up. Take a deep breath and you’ll do fine. At, we do everything we can to set you at ease when shooting your corporate video production.