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The Corporate Video Soundbite

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You’ve been asked to be in the company video.  You’ve read our blog on what to expect and what to wear here.  There are a couple of different ways you will be shot and included in the company video.  In this article, we will discuss these different methods and how you can best represent yourself and your company.

Most company videos are shot documentary style, the subject being interviewed by someone off camera.  Another method is to do a “stand up” looking straight at camera, like a news reporter.  There isn’t a best way, because all these are “tools” and sometimes you need a hammer, and other times you need a screwdriver.  So it all depends on what job you need the video to do.  So let’s discuss.

Corporate Video SoundbiteDocumentary Style

You will usually sit down (occasionally you might stand), and someone sitting right next to the camera will ask you questions.  This person might be your corporate communications specialist for your company, or it might be one of us.  The video is not going to use the interviewer– so the audience will never see or hear them.  When you answer, try to incorporate the question into your answer.

Don’t worry about messing up.  Just take a pause and pick up just before you fumbled.  Try not to get self-conscious.  Slow down.  Avoid saying “as I said before,” because we probably won’t use the other take.  You can say the same thing over and over, just using different words.  It’s okay.

There are two schools of thought on having the questions prepped before you begin.  Yes it’s good to be prepared, but coming across rehearsed might be counter productive to the corporate video goals.  But being totally cold might not work either.  I recommend for most to have bullet or outline points.  You can write them down, but don’t read anything when answering (and don’t look down at cards or a note pad).

And for this style, I strongly advise against teleprompter unless you are a professional actor.  I had a client insist on doing documentary style interviews with all the corporate leadership.  Then we ended up redoing it later– it came across very poorly.

The Stand Up

This is where the teleprompter actually works really well, and where I advise using it.  The corporate spokesperson looks right at the lens and tells us what he or she wants us to know.  Scripted truly is the best way for this.  It’s hard to keep looking right at that lens and it feels very uncomfortable for the people not used to doing it.  You don’t want to be searching for words.

Relax, and enjoy.  Most people will do just fine in the corporate video and the production team wants you to look good.  We’re going to make you look as good as possible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Shooting Greenscreen with Prompter

Corporate Video Productions

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Video Production for training, sales, marketing and more!.

Serendipitous Films has an award-winning track record for producing high quality videos.  We’ve produced national commercials, training programs, marketing videos, viral videos for web SEO, sales training, recruiting, and many others.  Whatever your corporate communication need is, we deliver results.

We’re deadline oriented and know how to work fast.  Usually, companies will ask you if you want it good, cheap or fast, because you can pick two.  Here at Serendipitous Films, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver all three.


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Seminars WorkshopsReel road lessons for actors and filmmakers.  We have offered the following seminars and workshops:

Acting: A Director’s POV — Not actor to actor, but director to actor– real information about what the director is thinking from audition, through shooting to the edit room.  Give yourself a better shot at landing the role and not being left ont he cutting room floor.

Greenlight Yourself — The 6 Phases of Filmmaking.  Perfect for the writer or director looking for information on how to do it yourself.  In addition to the seminar, a 3+ hour DVD is available.

Screenfighting and SFX for Actors — learn to give and take punches, like falls, handle weapons like a pro and learn to take a squib.

How To Direct Features — for the director in training.  We go through the skillsets necessary to pull off directing a feature film.

How To Edit Dramatic — a practical experience in editing dramatic scenes.  We take actual footage from Serendipitous movies and cut together scenes.

Feature Writing — The big factors that can instantly impact your story and make your script more producable and sellable.

Actor Demos — This has been an extremely popular tool.  When you sign up, we consult with you to write a short original scene, then we shoot it in conjuncture with others to make it look like it was ripped from an indie film.

A Pleasant Discovery…

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Welcome to Serendipitous Films.  We specialize in both corporate communications and entertainment projects.  We take pride in our productions, whether a commercial, music video, training video or feature film.  It’s all about story-telling, and we help you tell your story.

With studios in North Texas, we work all over the state, especially Dallas and Fort Worth.  But we also do a fair amount of business in Austin and Lubbock.