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Why Video Tape a Corporate Conference?

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Video at Corporate Aw3ards ShowCorporate Conference Video

All the sales people from all around the country are gathering at a hotel in the big city.  An agenda is set– you’re going to hear from the president and CEO.  VP of Sales.  The marketing team might present their plan for the new fiscal year.  A motivational keynote speaker inspires the troops.  The national team goes into the city for a dinner cruise on the river.  And the top producers in the company get awarded.

Your Story

Why are they gathered?  To hear your STORY.  The company STORY.  And if you don’t tell the story, someone else will.  Your competitors.  Or your colleagues.  Or someone who doesn’t tell your story accurately.  Your story your way.

Your STORY can live longer than the moment it was told by using video.  You spend all this time, resources and money on telling your story at this conference.  Make it last.  Put it on video.  Let your story be told over and over.

By incorporating video at your corporate conference, you bring sustainability, motivation, and excitement to the team.  Your story, on video, reminds them of your company mission, corporate culture and the values throughout the year.

A Sale is the Transfer of Enthusiasm

As the budgets for the big sales conference are poured over, it can be difficult to substantiate the importance of video.  Some people might only look at the cost versus a direct measurable metric.  But what our clients have seen, over and over, is that when video is used strategically, it can motivate and lift the sales team. Furthermore, it keeps them motivated much longer than without.  Sales rise.  Over and over.

A recap video brings the feelings, the motivation, the excitement right back up to the forefront of their minds weeks and months later.  When there’s no video, things vanish from the memory at a much faster rate.  Lots of clips of faces, stunning and compelling excerpts from powerful talks, that moment when the guy was honored for his community work, unbeknownst to him, the fun of the golf tournament.  All these things continue to motivate, pull the team closer together, energize the field force.  It’s the STORY of the event.  The story of the company.

With planning, videos can be created pre-event to add excitement and spice to the meeting.  Whether they’re funny segues and meeting openers, or support videos to illustrate important speaking points, conference video is powerful.

The Hollywood Effect

video at corporate conferenceWhat we have found is just having camera crews following representatives makes them feel special– like they’re a player in Hollywood.  And that’s one purpose of the national sales conference– to let them know how special they are to the company.  Lights.  Cameras.  Action.  It’s part of your STORY to the team.

And then that moment, in the last hours of the conference, they see the week played out on the big screen.  They laugh.  And learn.  They experience the passion and culture of the company.  The team will remember the meeting for the next twelve months by continually reliving it every time they click play.


Some of our clients make use of the large national conferences and seminars to build a training library.  At this event, they’ll have some of their best and brightest on the stage, and the magic from the lights and the energy from the audience can create wonderful messages that need to be repeated throughout the year.

Even if you aren’t a believer in the power of video to motivate the sales team, the training that can come from your conference can be a huge cost saver throughout the year.  Proper video training creates consistent methods, cost saving techniques, sales tips, and many other ways to increase a corporation’s bottom line.  This establishes the STORY for the team.  They are taught to go back home and repeat the story to their team members and to their customers and clients.

Video at the Corporate Conference Pays for Itself

Video coverage at the corporate conference pays for itself.  So the investment the company makes by utilizing the powerful tool of video, consistently comes back in creased productivity, increased sales, and renewed passion.  Video makes a difference.


Video “Packages” For Live Corporate Events Keep Attendees Engaged

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We’ve just come off of our client’s annual convention, held at a large hotel in the Washington DC area.  Over the five days of the convention, we shot a lot of video, recorded the speakers in multi-cam, and did on-site editing to play back video as it was happening nearly live.

But one thing we did was started months before.  And that was creating video “packages” for playback during the conference.  The term “package” comes from the broadcast world and refers to pre-produced video stories usually used in live event to highlight an upcoming act, highlight what was happening backstage or what transpired earlier.  You see this a lot in the live portions of performance shows like American Idol or America’s Got Talent.  You’ve seen them a hundred times– the video of the artist explaining why they chose this song, or what they had to overcome to get there this night.

The Olympics are currently broadcasting.  You see packages all the time.  Maybe it’s a pre produced video showing why figure skater Ashley Wagner was chosen after a bad nationals.  Or why Shaun White pulled out of one competition to focus on another.

For my client, the packages where mostly comedic “skits” using some very talented guys from their company.  We shot these a month or two before and edited them long before the event, and had them ready to play once called upon.  Another package video focused on an employee getting an award.  We shot his interview without him even knowing he was winning something by telling him we were doing a video on his department.


We also shot some packages there at the event.  One was comedic.  Another was motivational.  And a third informational.  The opening video for the event was motivational, and heavily produced, using photorealistic 3D animation and rich surround sound design.

Video packages have a lot of use in corporate events.  If done correctly, these can add a lot to the messages the client is getting out to their attendees, and keep them engaged throughout (like the comedic).  The packages break up the parade of speakers and keep attendees laughing, learning and listening.