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Top 5 DSLR Cameras and Camcorders for Capturing Corporate Video Footage

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The camera development has been in a state of flux for the ten to fifteen years.  For decades, it remained essentially the same.  But now, not only new models of cameras are coming out, but radically different ways of capturing footage is being created. Depending on the type of film or video production, you might use totally different cameras.  For instance, our films might call for a Red Epic, or a 35mm Arri 535, or even a Alexis.  But for corporate video production, there are several different tools in the toolbox. So here are my top five cameras for use in corporate video productions.  I don’t rank them in order because the different corporate or industrial video shoots require different technology.  A hammer is great if you need to drive a nail, but if you’re turning a screw, doesn’t work so well. * DSLR (specifically Canon 5DmkIII).  The DSLR is a camera that’s built on the venerable still photography camera, the SLR (single lens reflex).  The Digital SLR technology evolved about 8 years ago to…

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Dallas Serendipitous Films with Top Pup Media Win highest Telly Award for Cinematography

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The 34th Annual Telly Awards have awarded their highest honor for cinematography to Serendipitous Films and Top Pup Media for the production of a documentary on behalf of Revelations Water.  The video, filmed in Nigeria, about a new life saving water filter, the Primeau, was shot by Ron Gonzalez and Daniel Millican. Using DSLR’s and traveling with the Microdolly and Microjib, enabled beautiful shots to help tell this important story.  Producing was the Primeau inventor Ron Moser, his son David Moser, Dr. Ajibike Akinkoye and Lanre Abu. The video takes place on a polluted river in Lagos, Nigeria, as a father and son paddle their canoe.  They are able to drink clean, safe water because of the new technology of the Primeau water filter. The video was also honored for a Bronze Telly for the Social Responsibility category, which was especially important to Ron Moser, creator of the filter.  “I was watching news of the Mexico City earthquake and saw people dipping buckets into the filthy water in the streets.  At that moment, I decided…

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