December 2013 - S-Films

What Video Production Companies Look For When Hiring Freelancers -The 4 A’s

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  From time to time, production companies will hire freelancers to fill the gaps on various video productions.  Rarely are two video projects the same– and each project requires a different set of tools and personnel.  So almost every production company will hire freelancers at one point or another. The Four “A’s” When we look to contract freelancers, we run everyone through our “4 A” filter– Attitude, Ability, Availability, Affordability, and in that order. Attitude- Many years ago, we did a large corporate conference in Dallas, and the AV company promised me the best audio engineer in town.  He was good, but he brought a real bad attitude and had to be replaced.  Attitude trumps ability every time. Ability- The freelancer has to be talented.  Their level of expertise can directly effect the production value of the project.  And depending on the position, need to balance between being an artist and being an engineer.  For animations, I’ve seen work that is done that is precise, but lacks the creative flair.  Vice versa, I’ve seen work…

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