February 2014 - S-Films

Longterm Timelapse Video Production – A Primer

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Construction and Industrial Longterm Timelapse Video Production Lately, we’ve had a lot of calls from our construction and industrial clients to provide long term timelapse for projects that are going on. So here’s a primer on what timelapse video is and how we break it down. First, let’s define timelapse. Video runs at 24 or 30 frames (pictures, if you will, I don’t want to get into interlace or progressive discussion) a second. What time lapse does is to take one picture every so often, then you combine them into a video, which plays back each picture at 1/30th (or 1/24th) of a second. Interval – this is the length of time between the taking of a picture. The longer the interval, the *faster* the video will play. So if you’ve got a one month timelapse that you take one picture a day, the entire month would play back in one second. If you took ten pictures a day, the video would play back in ten seconds… so the shorter the interval, the slower the…

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Video “Packages” For Live Corporate Events Keep Attendees Engaged

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We’ve just come off of our client’s annual convention, held at a large hotel in the Washington DC area.  Over the five days of the convention, we shot a lot of video, recorded the speakers in multi-cam, and did on-site editing to play back video as it was happening nearly live. But one thing we did was started months before.  And that was creating video “packages” for playback during the conference.  The term “package” comes from the broadcast world and refers to pre-produced video stories usually used in live event to highlight an upcoming act, highlight what was happening backstage or what transpired earlier.  You see this a lot in the live portions of performance shows like American Idol or America’s Got Talent.  You’ve seen them a hundred times– the video of the artist explaining why they chose this song, or what they had to overcome to get there this night. The Olympics are currently broadcasting.  You see packages all the time.  Maybe it’s a pre produced video showing why figure skater Ashley Wagner was…

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