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Acting: A Director’s POV

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“After the third time this actor approached me, I decided I would never cast him again.” “I got a real inside peek into what this actor was really thinking.  She forgot she was still mic’d and I was wearing my headsets.” “This actor was extremely talented.  But he hosed me in post with his performance.” These are thoughts of a working film director.  You can learn to save time, money and heartache in post, while cementing your reputation as a seasoned, veteran actor. Announcing a new workshop for Acting: A Director’s POV!  Join us Saturday April 12, 2014 for a 3 1/2 hours, hands-on workshop, from a director to an actor.  Register here. Daniel Millican, writer/director for five feature films has worked with Adam Baldwin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Sean Patrick Flanery, Joey Lauren Adams, Mimi Rogers and more.  On casting his last film in NYC, he realized there is a huge bias against using local actors.  As he explored the reasons why, he discovered some acting industry keys that can help local actors land the…

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Are you leveraging social media for branding and traffic?

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Although it’s a fairly new technology, social media has quickly become one of the best places for people to share stories, life experiences, and pictures, and keep in touch with friends and family. Since most social media websites usually have thousands or even millions of people at the same time online, they are the perfect place for businesses to expand their client base and draw traffic to their website through the use of video. Using video and having a solid video marketing strategy will help your company become an industry leader. Video usually encourages people to share and has a multiplying effect when their friends can also see it and find out about the product or service that is covered in the video. Videos are much more likely to go viral through social media While pictures and text also tend to go viral sometimes, videos are usually the ones that are the most likely to go viral due to their ability to clearly communicate emotion. People tend to connect to video a lot faster and…

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