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Better Storytelling Through The Hero’s Journey

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 Using The Hero’s Journey As A Guide This is a 2 part post about using the Hero’s Journey as a guide to become a better storytelling. The Hero’s Journey is a model for creating a stories that is often used to create compelling story lines. It can be a pattern as well as many myths from different cultures throughout history. It isn’t the only method to tell a narrative but, as it has a very ancient lineage; stories based on this model seem to be especially satisfying. Let’s check out the first 6 Steps in the hero’s journey: The Ordinary World Since the target audience usually experiences the Journey over the Hero’s eyes, we have to be able to relate with him. The Ordinary World offers us the chance to identify with the Hero’s urges, drives, as well as problems, and also showing unique features and even flaws that will make him 3-dimensional. The Hero’s Inner and as well Outer Problems can be established, though these could actually change and this depends on the demands…

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Find a Niche Market to Make Your Videos Stand Out

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  Break Through The Clutter With A Specific Target Market A big drawback to the myriad information available on the Internet these days is that the majority of markets are saturated to the point where the competition is so high it’s difficult to break in unless your marketing very clearly stands apart. This is why we recommend the use of video, and more specifically videos that target a very specific niche or target market. While one solution that is always crucial in any type of marketing is to develop unique and creative content, another way to get around the crush of marketers out there is to find a little-known yet high-demand niche and cater to it. Don’t limit your marketing, raise the bar Often when marketers hear the word ‘niche’ they get a bit antsy; indeed, a ‘niche’ is often comprised of a small, specifically targeted demographic and new marketers often seeing themselves as ‘limiting’ their marketing by not focusing on the general market. The advantages of a niche, however, are that while the target…

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