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Tips for Being Interviewed On Camera For The First Time

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Telling your story for your company’s video Congratulations (or condolences) on you being selected to be in front of the camera for that corporate video. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind to help you out. Most interviews are conducted “documentary” style—you’re being asked questions by an off-camera interviewer, so you’ll look at them and not the camera. When you look directly at the camera and talk, it’s usually a “spokesperson” role, and is very different to the interview we’re talking about here. Many people desire to have the questions beforehand. There are pros and cons to this. Most likely, you’re being interviewed because you’re an expert in the subject matter—speaking off the cuff will have a more natural feel. However, you can be more prepared if you were given the questions before the interview. Also, many people are going to feel nervous—that’s natural, so don’t fight it. By worrying about being nervous, you will only become more nervous, and it will be a cycle you’ll want to avoid. What to say,…

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The Hero’s Journey Storytelling Part II

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  Continuing the Story with Part II of the Journey This is part II of the journey, a continuing story that allows us to break down the pieces of a story to craft a message that people will remember for the way it made them feel. The power of a story comes from people being able to relate to it and share it with others for generations to come. 6 Last Steps of the hero’s journey Approach for the Inmost Cave The Hero must make preparations required to Approach the Inmost Cave that leads for the Journey’s heart, or perhaps central Ordeal. Maps may be reviewed, attacks planned, and maybe the Enemy’s enforces whittled down, before the Hero could face his greatest fear or perhaps the high danger lurking within the Special World. The confident Hero could bypass these preparations making a bold move into action. The Ordeal The Hero engages within the Ordeal where he faces his highest fear, confronts this hardest challenge, and as well experiences “death”. His Journey teeters on the brink…

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