Passion for the Dallas Corporate Video

Here in Dallas, Texas, we enjoy nothing more than to see the look on a clients face when they see one of our extraordinary videos. Not only do sweat and tears go into every video we do, but our heart and soul as well. We take the client’s expectation and desires and then we try to go above and beyond the call of duty. This not only ensures that the client will be satisfied, but also that they will be calling us the next time they need a video done. We all love return business. So what are the elements that need to be in a corporate video to get a “call-back”? Well, besides being a pleasure to work with, here are the top 3 things that are must-haves in your next corporate video.

  • Production Value – Every piece of media that you do for your company reflects on the company.  If a training video looks like it was shot with an iphone from somebody in accounting, new employees watching that training video will have an unintended impression of what this company is all about.  Sure, there are times conceptually where you might do a cellphone video, but for internal communications, how people feel about the quality of the videos will match underlying feelings about what they believe of the company.People Love Corporate Video
  • Have Lots of Faces– People connect with people. Get crowd shots of people listening and reacting to what is being said. Clapping and laughing shots make your video come alive. Make sure to get shots of people high-fiving, shaking hands, hugging and having a good time. It’s always good to get a lot of this kind of B-roll for recap or promotional videos. Also, set up a spot to interview the client, VIPs, company VP’s and others participating in the event.
  • Make it Entertaining– When you watch a video, you want to be entertained, not fall asleep. Have interesting shots and good music. Choose music that is upbeat and fun to set the mood of the video. Having an upbeat song also helps with the tempo and editing of the footage. Transitioning between shots during downbeats of a song helps give the video a good flow. Think: high energy! Have your video gradually amp up, so that it ends with a bang. Don’t let your audience wonder if the video is over. End it with an exciting group shot or establishing shot. When the video is over you want people to feel energized and motivated. We’ve been known to use a timelapse for our ending.

Our hope is that this will help you create a corporate video that your clients will love and you can be proud of.