A more personal approach to corporate video production

By January 10, 2014No Comments

Jeff Deyo ADR
A lot of corporate video companies have a “corporate” approach that may come across as too scripted or even fake at times. S-Films focuses on ensuring your company’s image looks professional while also allowing the personality of the individuals in the video to shine. Whether you need training videos, infomercials, or other type of video in a professional environment we have the expertise and team to make it happen.

While we help you craft a good script we also do encourage the freedom of fresh ideas and spontaneous thoughts. Corporate video production doesn’t need to be cold or boring or scripted all the time. We can help your company produce a creative and fun video that highlights each person’s individuality and aspects of their personality that people can remember and connect with. We can also help you find local talent if the people in your staff dont feel confident to be in front of the camera. We encourage using real staff and real customer experiences to make the stories credible and share worthy.

People follow other people so giving the audience a face and a voice to remember combined with the story will be much more powerful and have a bigger impact on them. It takes talent and creativity to create a compelling story that makes your message memorable. When the audience can identify with the story line and resonate with your message they are much more likely to take action and make that proposed phone call or visit that website. Contact us here to learn more about our corporate video production services.