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Corporate Event Video and Filming Types

By June 30, 2017No Comments

corporate event videoIn the video industry, there are several substantially different event video types.  Today, we’re going to talk about the Corporate Event Video coverage and what various styles come with that.  Many people will search the internet for a video event production company.  But they might be thinking of covering their child’s birthday, a wedding, or a family reunion.  This article today will discuss the corporate event– the conference, seminar, corporate party, or meeting.

Video Coverage of the Corporate Event

Video production services for events can vary.  The first service is Event Coverage.  This is where we place a camera or several cameras, to record the event, which for corporate clients usually involves speaking from a stage.  Occasionally, it might be an event out on location where a demonstration is taking place.  We will usually provide a camera with long lenses from the back or side of the room.  Then we patch into the house sound to record quality audio.  Normally, our lighting is not needed.  It’s provided by the event location, or by a lighting company you’ve hired to build the stage, screens, projection and audio.

Video coverage at seminars and conferences can also include “b-roll.”  This is where a camera goes around and gets candid shots of people and activities that are happening at your corporate event.  (We talk about b-roll and it’s importance here.) . This is great for using inside a recap video (like this one here).

Another event video service is the “man on the street” style interviews.  We take a camera, operator and a microphone and grab feedback and experiences from the conference participants.  There might be a light we place on top of the camera.  This is also referred to as “news style.”

Onsite Video Editing at the Event

Combine all those services together and you can add onsite editing.  With a good team, you can be video capturing the event.  This includes the speakers on the stage, the b-roll, the quick interviews.  The editor brings them all together for an emotional, impactful recap video that can play at the end of the event. This can be a powerful video service at an event, especially the longer meetings.

Utilizing video coverage at corporate events can be a gold mine for video content, both internal to the company and external.  With footage captured, you can create social media marketing videos throughout the year, provide education to employees and customers, and help build company morale.  Make sure you make the most of your corporate event by having a qualified video team onsite to deliver powerful videos.  Call us at SFilms to handle your video needs for your corporate event!