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Corporate Video Shoot VS Movie/TV Shoot

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Corporate ShootThere are big differences when it comes to being on a TV or movie set or being on a corporate shoot. Both have their pros and cons. So, lets divvy them up shall we?


Movie/TV Film Set Corporate Video Set
Breakfast is regularly provided and usually consists of hearty breakfasts foods Breakfast may or may not be provided depending on the call time, but if it is it can range from fast-food to coffee and doughnuts
Buffet-style lunch, so you get whatever catering deems edible Usually ordering from a restaurant nearby, so you choose from a menu
12-15 hour days with short turnarounds Normally 8 hours or less
60+ crew members Anywhere from 2-20 people (usually an average of 4-8)
Union and non-union Usually non-union
Designated departments (i.e.- camera, grip, electric, wardrobe, etc.) and you can get in serious trouble for doing another department’s job even if it’s just moving a light stand. Versatility is key. Anyone and everyone can usually do anything and everything. You may be a PA one day and sound or camera the next.
20 days-8 months of shooting, of course if you day-play (industry speak for you cover a position for a limited time) it could be less. 1-5 days of shooting, in some instances you may only work ½ a day depending on the need for the shoot.
Dress for crew is casual Dress for crew can be anything from casual to business casual to collared shirt and nice pants.
Production trailers and trucks haul gear You may have to put all the gear and crew into one vehicle.
Usually work locally but depending on what department your in you could travel. Travel frequently
Sides and call sheets available for crew every morning The director, client and talent have scripts (no sides). If you want a printed call sheet you will need to print it yourself.


As you can see, there are many similarities and differences between Corporate shoots and movie and Television shoots. When on a corporate shoot, you get a lot more freedom and the hours match that of the typical hours of operation of the client. Movie and TV shoots can be exhausting with the long hours. However, we have had experience working on both types of projects and love them both dearly for different reasons.


What makes SFILMS love Corporate shoots? Simple. The people. We have a crew of dedicated and professional people that we enjoy working with every day. Not to mention the terrific companies we become familiar with. Our clients are more like our family. We get to know our clients and their companies. We familiarize ourselves with their business, industries, values, visions, executive leadership and employees. This relationship can last years whereas on film sets everyone goes their separate ways once they are wrapped.


At SFILMS it’s not just about making one good video or commercial, it’s about capturing the essence of a business and translating that to both consumers as well as their associates.


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