“How long is a piece of string?” 

One of the most common question we get from potential clients is “how much would a video cost?”  As you can imagine, there are so many variables that go into this answer.  So what we do is ask a series of questions to figure out the elements, time frame, use, etc., that can help us give an accurate estimate.

Here are some factors that greatly impact cost of a corporate/commercial video:

Talent — Using a professional spokesperson, or a handful of actors, or even a voice talent can be expensive.  We use both union and non-union talent and have relationships built with the talent agencies.

Days of Shooting — A big cost for us is a day of shooting.  So if the video requires two days of shooting, that line in the budget can double.  Occasionally, someone might see what it would cost for an hour, but the lowest we break it down is the half-day.  This is usually 4 to 5 hours.

Length — the longer the video, the more it can take to edit (though there are some notable exceptions, like commercial spots).  When we estimate cost we usually figure in a formula for hours of editing based on finished minutes.

With answers to those three factors, we can get much closer to presenting an accurate estimate.  We turn in estimates for turn-key productions– from concept to finished video, as well as just the shooting, or the editing.