Video Production

Video Production Services for Construction Companies and Industrial Projects

By November 8, 2013No Comments


Construction companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area are utilizing the powerful tool of video more often these days.  A video can demonstrate the abilities of a construction company when still pictures and plans fail.  We have been called upon often to film large construction jobs, important tools and equipment, and ongoing operations.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, remember, there’s 24 of those every second in a video.  And what we’re finding is that construction takes a special skill set to properly photograph and cover with video.  Some of our clients have started a large multi-year job and call us in halfway through, relying on video shot by the contractor or the guy in the sales office.  They immediately notice a difference when they see our videos and often express to us, that they wish they had brought us in sooner.

We use a lot of special photography to cover construction and earth-moving jobs and tools.  Being able to put cameras in hard to reach places, with special mounts is critical.  Maybe it requires helicopter aerials or remote controlled helicopter aerials.  To properly display the scope of a project on a screen, certain angles lend themselves better than others.  Proper lens filters for direct sunlight leads to eye-popping color.

In addition to the onsite video and film tools, post production can bring magic to the video as well.  Most of our construction video is shot outdoors, but we still like to tweak the colors and really make them shine.  But also, there might be night shoots or factory shots that might need to be colorized and effected in post.

The Dallas area and really Texas as a whole, fared better than most in the recession and construction is booming right now in the lone star state.  If you need to convey your construction company’s capabilities, consider bringing us in to create stand out videos of your operations.