Delivering Your Project

By September 27, 2011No Comments

In the 90’s, when we finished the edit, we would lay off the final to tape and make a VHS client approval dub.  Then when they were happy with it, we would duplicate how many ever VHS copies the client needed.

Ten years later, it’s DVD.  In 2005, we purchased a DVD duplicator, that printed right on the face.  Our clients wanted discs, so that’s what we gave them.  Now seven years later, it’s changing again.

We almost made a decision even earlier this year to invest in another DVD duplicator.  But out of the last ten projects, the primary means of delivering to the client was not DVD for nine of them.  Clients want files.

We learned the best settings for YouTube and Vimeo so that the videos are high def and yet load and play quickly.  We’ve added a service of converting the files to iPhones and iPads so that the clients can take the videos out to their customers.  We email the files or FTP the larger ones.  Maybe they want a flash video for their website.  Or another wants a quicktime for a memory stick giveaway.

Our industry is technology driven, so the tools keep changing.  And it’s important to keep up.