In today’s digitally connected world, your dog can easily become the media sensation in few hours with an audience of millions. Viral videos have become the golden ring that many strive for.  The hugely successful viral videos are taken apart and examined, formulas created, all done by non-professionals as well as professional video companies.  For all the formulas and strategies, no one can truly guarantee viral success.  But what you can do, is add the elements to give your viral video the best chance for success.

Organic Marketing

It is natural for businesses to want their videos to go viral—this provides organic marketing.   Free distribution to thousands of viewers not only helps in building an audience but also gets media buzz. By definition, viral begins infecting various media outlets and social platforms.  And attention begets attention. For businesses, a successful viral video gives them a chance to launch an entire marketing campaign—combining organic with paid marketing.  And although organic traditional means “unearned or unpaid for” marketing, in today’s marketing industry, viral videos often come with a bankroll behind them.  Even if they appear that they don’t—many people spend a lot of money to make the production look homemade.  In the past where production value was of utmost importance, it takes a back seat in the viral video world.

Making viral videos is a result of a unique blend of art, science, and the intangible. Some of the factors that need to be taken into account when producing a viral video are:

  1. Type: Almost every viral video can easily be classified into one of three types—Comedic, Emotional, or Sensational. For the comedic video to be a viral success, it has to be more than a little funny.  It has to be split-open-your-gut-laughing-so-hard funny.  The viewer has to be laughing so hard that they hit the share button so that their friends can laugh along with them.

The Emotional viral video tugs at your heart strings.  Maybe it involves a cute animal, or a child.  Or maybe a story that brings the viewer to tears by the end.

The Sensational shocks the viewer into a “I can’t believe I just saw that” response. A car wreck, a sky diver, or a person jumping over a car that’s moving towards them.  This generation is becoming numb and viral videos are reaching new depths of sensationalism to try to gain a viral video movement.

  1. Construction: Making a viral video requires non-standard production techniques.  Production value no longer matters—the video can be out of focus, grainy, bad lighting.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is how effective it conveys one of the three types mentioned above and you need a video production company that can think out of the box to provide the best chance to go viral. So, when hiring the viral video production company in Dallas, check past work and see if they are accustomed to success.
  2. Timing: It is an important aspect of viral videos as people are likely to share a video if it is relevant to a current idea. Being quick to generate content regarding an event that happened today or yesterday can be the key. Choose the company that is quick enough to capitalize on the recent news and trends. The professionals must be quirky and innovative enough to send you the proposal with the quote so that the project can begin quickly.

An effective viral video production company will help you make an successful Internet marketing tool for your business. A professional company will portray your brand’s image through the best possible story.

At Serendipitous Films our team of professionals understand the importance of monetization of viral video productions and will help you maximize the audience acquisition and brand lift for your product, company, and cause. Serendipitous Films will help you create viral videos to drive buzz and cause a stir.