Is Screenfighting Workshop for Children Actors?

By February 27, 2012No Comments

I’ve been surprised at how many people have asked this.  For background– we’re offering a one of a kind workshop on March 24-25 where Day 1 has two classes on handling weapons as an actor and Day 2 is about how to fight and work around special effects.  4 classes– 2 days.  To register, go to the SFilms store.

Can my child attend this workshop?

For ages under pre-teen, I don’t think Day One (Weapon Handling) is a good idea.  What we’re talking about is learning skills for upcoming auditions and roles, that will give you an edge as an actor.  There just aren’t that many roles for a gun-wielding 8 year old.  (I could be wrong, but there you go.)  For teens, especially older teens, yeah maybe.  It’s a skill and you can add it to your headshot/resume.

I do think Day Two, with the fighting and SFX classes, that it’s fine for children.  It will certainly be a lot of activity and won’t be hard to keep their attention.  And learning to fight and act around special effects is a good thing for kids to know.

We’re keeping class size small so that everyone can get individualized attention, so if you plan on coming, please register as soon as possible.  We’re close to having the minimum.