What does a motion graphics studio in Dallas do?

Motion graphics animation is a digital art of combining words, video, sound and pictures to make a video that captures the attention of the viewer. Motion graphics design is considered a specialty skill and is handled by artists that focus on designing. The trend of design and technology and presence of motion graphics on the Internet, television and other forms of entertainment, is a logical progression from the static graphics.

The profession of motion graphics is a combination of animation, graphic design, and film. In early corporate video, to put movement or motion on textual information was expensive and labor intensive.  With the marriage of graphic design with animation, corporate storytellers found that the information they wanted conveyed was much more effective when motion was applied to the text. With Dallas being a corporate headquarter magnet,  it’s important to find the right motion graphics studio in Dallas, Texas.

Where is motion graphics used?

Motion graphics is used in everything from commercials to films to short web videos. An example of the simplest form of motion graphics and animation combined is an animated GIF (graphics interchange format). GIFs have many creative possibilities as they can be captivating and compelling with many loops of animation, packed into a couple of seconds. From animated GIFs, the process has grown to short web and viral videos intended for grabbing attention on the social media platforms.

How does a motion graphics artist bring your digital project to fruition?

The whole point of motion graphics is engagement with the viewer. The team of motion graphic artists at Serendipitous Films is skilled in enhancing the user-experience and adding powerful options of visual storytelling. In essence, motion graphics adds life into static content.

A motion graphics artist can take your graphic design project to new heights. Static graphics are brought to life by adding animation, cinematic techniques, and visual effects so that the end product is more interesting and engaging. The goal of the finished digital product is to evoke an emotional reaction or communicate a message. The motion graphic artist does this by combining different sounds, photography, illustration components, video, and animation.

How Serendipitous Films motion graphics team help you?

At Serendipitous Studio the motion graphics team interacts with the businesses directly to craft the story—and then determine the most effective way to engage the viewer—whether it be live action video, animation, or a mixture. We understand that it is important to learn the language of business and marketing will become the key to creating a better creative work. Our motion graphic artists give attention to detail not only in the traditional sense of drawing but also in the digital interfaces and services to give your brand an identity. Businesses have realized that brands now need to connect with audiences on the emotional level and thus more adaptive, and responsive design systems need to be in place. Keeping your target audience and brand vision in mind, the motion graphics team will help inject creativity into your business identity.