Are you into publishing videos and running your YouTube channel? Or do you produce corporate videos for your clientele? Irrespective of the kind the video, there are a few factors that make them stand out and convey the message effectively. The script, cinematography, cast, location, etc. play a crucial role in making a great video. However, there is one element that could take your video’s appeal to an all-new level – Music.

A powerful soundtrack can transform your video and its feel. Videos are supposed to be something that can be watched but heard as well, which is why the marketing folks emphasis music on advertisement video production. The same applies to corporate videos, be it a promo for a trade show or a training video for internal purposes. Mere good camera work is not enough. There are five senses—so in addition to the narrative, music feeds the ears and sets a strong tone for your message.

You could look for a music production company in Dallas that has a paid music library. Alternatively, the company can have its composers compile an original piece of music for you. At S-Films, we tailor the music to whatever the needs of the client are—whether stock library music works, or if you need an original composition. Given the rising demand, S-Films has become a well-known music production company in Dallas.

Our company specializes in searching for the best piece of music that would suit the theme of your video and have a major engagement in the post-production process. Once the video is shot and edited, the team lays down the audio, the music and the sound bites. Depending on the video, the team will either lay in a single soundtrack or a medley of multiple music cuts. The right music is important, as it gives the viewers a mental break for a few seconds making it easy for them to transit from one idea to another as the video plays.  Sometimes, the music is laid down first so that we can “cut to the beat” while editing.  We also will cut the music, so that it will be the exact length we need—while still finishing at the end of the song.

Keep in mind that to enhance the production quality of your videos, the music should be in line with the theme and the message that you wish to convey. For example, if you are producing a video for a cancer awareness campaign, you definitely don’t want pop music playing in the backdrop. The music you choose should be soft, with slow beats and not too loud because the subject matter is of sensitive nature. However, you can definitely add an upbeat soundtrack with motivating lyrics if you are making a video that features cancer survivors. It would help uplift the spirit of the viewers, giving them the courage to buck up. That is how music helps convey your message more effectively.  There are many different styles of music—sports, news, children, playful, cinematic, dramatic, urban, country, and Americana.  These are just a few of the hundreds of style choices that are available for music soundtracks.

At S-Films, we know that compliance is very important when it comes to corporate work. You do not want to use unlicensed music and get tangled in redtape.  At S-Films, have the most amazing team that takes care of the music production aspect for videos. The access to our composers and our vast music library and exceptionally talented composers is what makes us the top-notch music production company in Dallas. Give us an opportunity to produce a track for your video and you would be glad that you did.

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