I Want a Music Video Shot

One of the services we provide is music video production.  Artists will contact us looking for production services.  The problem comes in trying to determine a quick cost estimate, because music videos can cost as little or as much as you want, depending on how much production value you want.  It’s like asking…

How long is a piece of string?

Well it depends.  For music videos, how many locations?  How many days of shooting will be required?  What about other performers?  Dancers, extras?  If you want it to look like a concert setting for some of it, now we’re talking about staging and lighting and potentially hundreds of extras.  (Like in this music video from “Rising Stars”)


Production Value Matters

Or it’s a concept video, with a variety of locations and actors.  So the price can vary greatly.  As a general rule, most professional music videos out of Nashville start in the $15K range and move up from there.  Because we own all our own equipment, our prices start significantly lower.  We use steadicams, jibs and sliders to give everything a high production value.

Again, it will all depend.  So each one is different and the best thing is to call or contact us through the website form to get an accurate estimate.  Here’s a rap music video that we did with one primary location  in Dallas.