Meet Screenfighting Series Instructor Doug Williams

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Screenfighting Series Instructor

This is our series on Screenfighting, taking place in Dallas-Fort Worth on March 24-25.  Cost is $49 per class (four classes total, with a discount if you sign up for all four). For registration, go to .  Space is very limited.

Doug Williams

Doug will be teaching on Saturday March 24, both classes.  He will be teaching weapons basics in the morning.  This involves safety on the set, difference between military and law enforcement regarding weapons use, and handling of hand guns.  This is a hands-on workshop, so you’ll be handling real weapons (please do not bring your own or have any live ammo on premises).

In the afternoon, for Weapons 2 Intermediate, Doug will teach about rifles and how they’re used and carried.  If time allows, we’ll workshop movement as individuals and teams.

Doug has trained at some of the best facilities in the world, including Valhalla and Frontsight.  He has taken and completed weapons courses with the FBI as well as trained with military.  He understands that today’s filmmakers are requiring accurate weapons handling and portrayal.   He has served as Weapons Masters on several films and knows how to work with actors to achieve the best, most realistic performance possible.

For those who took our class the first time, Weapons 1 will be a refresher.  Weapons 2 will chart new ground as we head into handling of rifles.  Tomorrow, we’ll meet SFX Coordinator, Steve Krieger.

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