When most people think about a fully equipped video production studio in Dallas, they imagine overpriced rates, celebrity talent, oversized budgets and exotic locations. However, in Dallas, Texas, that is not the case with Serendipitous Films.  A fully equipped video production studio in Dallas assists in creating a visual end-product that must do two things: produce results and exceed expectations. The process involves facilitating creativity using a team of talented individuals, empowering innovation and building brands. A fully equipped video production studio in Dallas aims to push the boundaries of can be done, explored and created.

What services can you expect from a fully equipped video production studio in Dallas?


Your story starts with an idea.  This idea is then transformed into a script.  This script is the blueprint from which your project will be built.  At S Films, our fully equipped video production studio in Dallas includes experienced writers whose expertise is in crafting your story from the idea to the screen.


Producers oversee the entire project from start to finish, sometimes getting involved in the distribution and marketing processes as well. They work closely with the director and production staff on the shoot. Producers have the responsibility of keeping production within budget. They hire crew and staff, set the filming and rehearsal schedule, select cast members and schedule meetings.


The job of the Director is to be the “Guardian of the Story.”  The director controls the dramatic and artistic aspects of the video. He or she visualizes the written script while providing the technical crew and actors with direction, in order to fulfill the vision of the script. The director plays an integral role in production design, choosing cast members and in the creative areas of video making.

Editing and Audio Engineering

The post production team are first and foremost artists. They take all the elements and assets created by the shooting to be their paints.  The canvas is the edit timeline.  They paint your story into a video file that reflects your passion and your brand. They are comfortable with deadlines, because a ticking clock only accentuates their resourcefulness and creativity.


A variety of cameras are used to translate the production value of a shoot. High-end cameras usually produce the best quality videos. Some studios like Serendipitous Films even make use of flying drones to ensure high quality and creative aerial shots. But most important and often overlooked is the glass in front of the cameras—the lenses.  Often, the look of the camera is more a reflection on the lens than the quality of the chip.

A fully equipped video production studio in Dallas also has the following additional services to enhance your brand and express it meaningfully to viewers:

Sound Stages

At S-Films, we have three full sound stages, with standing sets, seamless white cyc, full head to toe greenscreen, makeup room, dressing rooms and client green room.  Although it’s the crew—the people—that craft your video to success, having outstanding facilities enables that team of artists to reach much higher production values.


The audio facility includes a voice over booth and an audio engineer. The booth provides access to several music libraries and composers. Some production studios can also assist in composing music.

Grip Truck

The grip truck contains additional gear and production equipment for a location video shoot.

Regardless of your budget, a video production team can help to sell your ideas. By enlisting the services of a fully equipped video production studio in Dallas, you can transform your creative vision into a successful reality. If you are looking for a well-equipped studio, contact the Serendipitous Films.