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The Explainer Infographic Animated Video

By Corporate Video Production, Tips/Techniques, Video Production

What is an Explainer Video? The Explainer Video has it’s root in cell animation going back decades– before the use of computers.  Educational films, both for schools and industry would be an animated, cell by cell, to demonstrate the subject.  Once computers became available, animation migrated over to that platform.  Today, computer generated graphics is the basis for an Explainer Video.   So what is the Explainer Video?  An Explainer Video is a short 2D animation that demonstrates your product or service on top of a voice over with sound and music.  The style can be cartoonish or text driven, and can be very simple or complex depending on what you need and how much time it takes the animators to do it. How Do You Make an Explainer Video? Script – The first step in an Explainer Video is to…

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