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National Commercial Shoot- The Quick Turnaround

By Corporate Video Production, Tips/Techniques, Video Production

Sometimes, your client needs a quick turnaround on a commercial shoot.  How can you plan and prepare for a tight deadline?  In today’s blog, we go through some tips, tricks and techniques to successfully deliver a national spot in a week or less.  And how do you deliver on such a tight turnaround while maintaining quality and effectiveness?  The number one key to turning around a video production in a short time is Decisiveness.  You won’t have the luxury of time to go back and forth.  And even though we are a Dallas based production company, our commercial shoots take us all around the company. The Normal National Spot For a normal national spot, it can take months.  Usually, the creatives (at our production house, the agency, the client) get together and come up with concepts.  Then maybe storyboards (whether…

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