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The 3 Levels of Drone Quality in Corporate Video Production

By Corporate Video Production

Drones taking Corporate Video by Storm Drones hit corporate video by storm over five years ago.  They were a video production tool that offered a fresh and different view.  And they were cool.  Until they flew into the client’s car or that building.  And looking back five years ago, there were two levels of drones– the consumer level (DJI had just introduced the original phantom) and the professional level (custom built kits, some with eight blades that could carry the big cinema cameras). The Hurdles in the Sky Back then, there were many hurdles to using drones in corporate video.  First and foremost was legality.   The airspace in the US is regulated by the FAA, and to accept any money for use of an aircraft in the FAA’s airspace, you had to have a commercial pilots license.  This could…

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