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Corporate Video Shoot VS Movie/TV Shoot

By Corporate Video Production, Video Production

There are big differences when it comes to being on a TV or movie set or being on a corporate shoot. Both have their pros and cons. So, lets divvy them up shall we?   Movie/TV Film Set Corporate Video Set Breakfast is regularly provided and usually consists of hearty breakfasts foods Breakfast may or may not be provided depending on the call time, but if it is it can range from fast-food to coffee and doughnuts Buffet-style lunch, so you get whatever catering deems edible Usually ordering from a restaurant nearby, so you choose from a menu 12-15 hour days with short turnarounds Normally 8 hours or less 60+ crew members Anywhere from 2-20 people (usually an average of 4-8) Union and non-union Usually non-union Designated departments (i.e.- camera, grip, electric, wardrobe, etc.) and you can get in serious…

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