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Longterm Time Lapse for Construction

By Corporate Video Production

Defining “Time-Lapse” (or timelapse) One of the services we’ve had an increasing call for is longterm timelapse for the construction industry.  And by “long term”, we mean a camera that is up for six months or more.  This presents a unique set of challenges. Timelapse Camera Placement First, the placement of the long term time lapse camera.  The best spots are usually elevated, as high as possible.  When we get the call, we look for a building overlooking the construction site.  Ideally, a camera placed inside looking out a clean window mitigates the necessity to weather proof the camera.  When we have placed indoors, we come prepared to battle glare issues off the window in front.  If we are placing on the roof, we have to weatherproof the camera. If a building is not available, we’ve had clients install a…

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