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Job Posting: After Effects Artist/Editor/Shooter

By Corporate Video Production, Info

After Effects Artist/Editor/Shooter Serendipitous Films Inc, located on the east side of Fort Worth, is looking for an After Effects Artist who can also handle overflow editing and some shooting. While the position doesn’t necessarily require many years of experience, we are looking for someone who is “advanced” in After Effects. This will be a staff position at our Fort Worth offices. The most important aspect is how well the applicant fits in with us—chemistry is everything here at SFilms. Secondly will be ability. Everything else follows those two things. So if you like to have fun and enjoy working extremely hard, this might be for you. Contact dan@s-films.com by sending resume but more importantly links to your reel. No phone calls please. Responsibilities: Create 2D animations, motion graphics, logos and other animation support for video projects. 3D not mandatory,…

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