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Adapt or Die in the Film & Video Production Services Industry

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Serendipitous is a turn key production company in film and video for corporate, commercial and feature productions.  Check us out by clicking about us and look at our recent work.  If you need a bid, give us a call at 817-371-9222 or fill out our form in the contact section. The film and video industry has been changing dramatically.  From the early 1900’s through to the nineties, film production remained essentially the same.  Video started changing with the advent of VHS and beta in the late seventies and early 80’s.  And it’s amazing to see companies that fail to adapt to the changes of the industry simply die.  Big companies. Take Blockbuster.  They were king.  Unstoppable.  When Netflix started because a savvy computer program didn’t like that he had just gotten slapped with a late fee from Blockbuster, Blockbuster ignored…

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