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Shared Storage Review

Shared Storage Review Small Tree Titanium Z5

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Here’s our shared storage review of the Small Tree Titanium Z5 portable system.  We are not quick to review products– too often, product reviews are written right after receiving the product new and before there’s been time to work through bugs and get the product up and running.  So we are writing this review of the Titanium Z5 (TZ5) after we dragged the box through a heavy duty 8 day, on-location conference where we had four computers plugged in.  An important note– looks like Small Tree has renamed this product to ZenStor.  But I’m not sure at time of this review. Our Need We are a video production company located in Dallas and Fort Worth.  We have clients who want us on site to video capture their events– conferences and seminars in many different cities.  Often, we need to edit onsite…

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Corporate Event Video and Filming Types

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In the video industry, there are several substantially different event video types.  Today, we’re going to talk about the Corporate Event Video coverage and what various styles come with that.  Many people will search the internet for a video event production company.  But they might be thinking of covering their child’s birthday, a wedding, or a family reunion.  This article today will discuss the corporate event– the conference, seminar, corporate party, or meeting. Video Coverage of the Corporate Event Video production services for events can vary.  The first service is Event Coverage.  This is where we place a camera or several cameras, to record the event, which for corporate clients usually involves speaking from a stage.  Occasionally, it might be an event out on location where a demonstration is taking place.  We will usually provide a camera with long lenses from…

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OnSite Editing

On Site Editing

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Old Days of Onsite Video Editing I remember in 1997, we offered our big client the ability to do live onsite editing for playback right then at their closing event in the hotel ballroom.  Sure, we had done some betacam editing, linear style in a few rare instances, but this time, we’d be playing back on our relatively new non-linear editing computer.  We had a crew of 8 or so and felt we could do it.  It was scary– the computer had a propensity to crash or to fail and we would not have time to output to tape.  But it all worked that night. In 2000, it had become even more simple.  I took a laptop to a clients event and ingested the tape footage and played back a video– all as a one man crew. On Site Video…

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