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The corporate film and services has been changing as the technology evolves.  Here at Serendipitous Films, we’re seeing a large increase in the short corporate video, mainly for the web.  Viral videos– an unknown term in the 90’s– is fast becoming the highest demand video.  In addition, we’ve seen a  sharp increase in the “home page” video.  Usually a short, two minute or so video about the company and it’s product or services. The Viral Video can be broken down into three types– Humorous, Touching, or Sensationalism.  For the funny video– it needs to be incredibly humorous– the type of thing people instantly click to forward. to their friends.  The Touching video pulls at heartstrings.  The Sensationalism video is some jaw-dropping, I-can’t-believe-that-just happened type video. In Hollywood, the saying goes “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.”  And it’s true.  Comedy…

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