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Going On Camera Corporate Video

By Corporate Video Production, Important Info for Your Corporate Video, Tips/Techniques

Lights, Camera, Relax! So you get that email or phone message.  You’re going On Camera Corporate Video!  You’ve been selected to speak for your company and the video crew is coming.  Maybe you’re the type that instantly faces rising blood pressure.  Nerves start setting in.   Here’s what can really help you.  First of all, relax.  No really, relax.  If you’re not used to being on camera, it literally puts a spotlight right on you.  You’ll be self-conscious. Try not to be.  But How Can I Relax? Go to a mirror and practice answering some questions while you watch yourself.  May sound silly, but it will help.  The more self-conscious you are, the more nervous you’ll be—it’s a vicious cycle.  The camera crew is there to capture you in the best way possible—no need to fear them; they’re hired by the corporation…

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