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Video Studios Dallas Fort Worth

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Video Studios

While a lot of our shooting for corporate video takes place on locations, often clients need video studios.  Serendipitous Films is fortunate to operate from studios offering 43,000 square feet of sound stages.  The studios are located in between Dallas and Fort Worth, 15 minutes from DFW airport.  Boasting three main stages, each one has extensive sound proofing, lighting grids, cycs and sets.

The facility offers greenrooms, dressing rooms, makeup room, and offices for clients and producers.

Studio A

video studio a news set

This large studio comes with several standing sets– news oriented programming and a car show backdrop.  These can be removed or covered with other sets.  Politicians and celebrities have used the studios for remotes to MSNBC, CNN and other news outlets.  Studio A is large enough to handle studio audiences and multicam recordings.  A control room is provided for the bigger jobs.

While we used the A Stage for feature film shooting (featured in the movie “Rising Stars” with Barry Corbin and Fisher Stevens), it is a great place to shoot corporate interviews, press release videos and internal communication videos.

Studio B

video studio bStudio B is a medium sized studio with a full head to toe green screen seamless cyc on one wall, and a two wall seamless white.  This versatile studio is where a majority of our corporate videos are shot.  They’re perfect for that seamless white look (a curved white cyclorama that shows no horizon line).  And the large greenscreen gives the ability to shoot multiple people and movement if needed.

Studio B is used for corporate training, social media marketing, commercial spots and many more.  Our client, the NASE, shoots a series of informational videos with us in Studio B.  We also shot our award winning Airbus Helicopter video using the seamless white cyc, shown here.  For that shoot, we took advantage of the white seamless to add dynamic animation that the actor could interact with.

Studio C

video studio c white cycWhile bigger than Studio B, the C Stage is purposely left unfinished and is the place for longer standing sets and projects.  It’s also used for holding studio audiences and having large meetings while on site.  It has a large one wall cyc that can be painted from green to white and anything in between.

So whatever your studio needs in Dallas or Fort Worth, we’d be glad to help and give you pricing.  Studios are usually rented by the day or half day.