The Big D King of Corporate Video

Mattress Firm C100The Dallas metropolitan area is a have for corporate video production and corporate communication.  A strong crew base, many video production companies, studios and resources are available in Dallas.  Some might say this is due to the strong number of large corporations headquartered here.  Names like Exxon, Kimberly Clark, Frito-Lay.  But all the large companies will have their own video production divisions or departments.  And you can point to places like Houston– they have many large corporations but the video and film production resources available in Houston are small in comparison to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

The key to the corporate video industry in Dallas is the number of progressive and growing mid-size companies.  Mid-size means they need the communication muscle that the large Fortune 500 companies have, but don’t have the internal resources, so they rely on local production companies to help in their corporate communications.

And progressive means that the company understands the power of today’s video in the corporate world.  Video means better marketing.  YouTube heavily weights video on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Video means better and more consistent training.  Video means more sales.  Progressive mid level companies are tapping into this resource and using it as a powerful tool.

At SFilms, some of our biggest clients aren’t even headquartered here in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  But they utilize us as a resource for their corporate communications.  If you need a corporate communication project, give us a call.  We’d be glad to help.

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