Benefits of Videos in Sales Meetings and Conferences

“Sales is simply the transfer of enthusiasm.”  Companies that grasp this principle tend to have better sales than those who don’t.  And when the former group has a sales meeting, they understand the importance of energizing the sales force and infusing them with enthusiasm.  A key component is that energizing effort are conference/meeting videos.

Videos in sales meetings can be divided into two main groups—those that are pre-produced and those produced at the event, conference or meeting.  Pre-produced videos might cover new product launches, key initiatives, training, ice breakers/humor, meeting openers to build excitement and many others.  Those videos produced at conferences might be recap videos played on the last day or at the end of each day, interviews with key personnel, conference speakers, breakout speakers and other events taking place.  The recap video is key for sales—sales people are motivated by two things, reward (money) and recognition.  The recap video is a great way to recognize the sales force, pumping them up to go out and increase their sales.  We’ll discuss these more in depth below.

Sales meetings are held primarily to access the performance of the sales team and discuss ways to eliminate any shortcomings in order to further boost the sales revenue. Such meetings are held on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending upon the business organization’s needs. Any kind of meeting that needs a large number of employees to leave their desk and spend hours in the conference room costs the company in monetary terms, which is why it is very important that you, as a manager, make the sales meeting a fruitful activity.

Videos combat boredom. Using videos during the sales meetings to put across your point is a great way to keep the sales team engaged and interested. You need a reliable sales meeting video production company in Dallas to produce videos that are tailored according to your needs. In this article, we would discuss the benefits of incorporating videos in your sales meetings.

Delivers a Powerful Message

Every sales meeting and conference has a very specific agenda. It could be explaining the sales team the new sales strategies, introducing them to a new product or new segment of prospective clients. The video should deliver a precise and powerful message to your audience, i.e., the sales people. It convinces the viewers about the significance of the subject matter and motivates them to embrace and utilize the knowledge being shared in the video.

Enhanced ROI

Sales meeting videos are meant for your internal customers, i.e., the sales force. Well-informed sales people ensure better understanding about the products, services, customer segments and the selling process. It in turn warrants improved performance and greater return on investment through augmented sales revenue.  While it is difficult for the bean counters to measure the effect of enthusiasm, the results are undeniable—an enthusiastic sales force will outperform one that has been sitting through today’s sales meeting equivalent of driver’s ed classes.

Retention of Knowledge

Once the meeting concludes, you could upload the video to the archives for internal purposes. The employees could access the videos any time in future to revisit the topic and brush up their knowledge. It would benefit those who missed the meetings. If you wish to reach a larger audience, you could upload the videos to the internet. Employees around the world, belonging to diverse business organizations who are into sales can benefit. By shooting meetings and conferences, you begin to build a library full of sales wealth for your entire sales force, whether they’re all local or spread across the globe.

How can S-Films Help You?

S-Films is a top-notch sales meeting video productions company in Dallas. Our dedicated team would create masterful videos to transform your sales meetings into a broadcast to produce quantifiable results. When you work with us, you are assured of consistency in terms of quality and budget in light of the shifting agendas. Be it a simple demonstration or a fusion of face-to-face and webcasting presentation, S-Films can create compelling sales meeting videos that your audience would resonate with.