Corporate Video Uses

In the beginning, inside the halls of the corporate headquarters, video was primarily a tool of training.  Outside the halls, video was primarily advertising.  Today, the tool of video is used in an ever increasing list of purposes.

  • Training

    The advantage to video training is Consistency. The employee is training the same way, every time.  And the message that goes out to them is fine tuned and targeted through working out the script.  And today, training videos have become a lot more creative than simply a manager standing in front of a class and talking.  They can be creative, fun, and memorable—increasing the retention and ensuring a high level of education.  At SFilms, we have consulted with professional educators on the best way to train and teach.

  • Landing Page Video

    This is a short video (under a minute) that is put on the first page for the company website and gives a high level view of the company’s products or services and what they can do for their customers.

  • Marketing Videos

    This video might be 90 seconds to two minutes and specifically covers a product or service. Think of it like a “video brochure”.  Colorful and strong, this video reaches out and grabs the viewer where they can say “wow.”

  • Explainer Videos

    These are motion graphic/animated videos that are scripted and professionally voiced and are used for both training and marketing.

  • SEO Videos

    The search engines put a lot of weight on videos existing on the company website for search engine marketing. Many companies have found that they can shoot a bunch of short videos, strong in content, that they can add weekly.  These videos contain very useful information for the viewer and the constant addition of more videos leads to greater traffic and page ranking.

  • Fundraising

    Many non-profits will have banquets, events and get-togethers to try and raise funds for their cause. A powerful, emotional video can be a great tool for stirring the hearts of potential donors.

  • Viral

    Along with marketing and SEO, corporations are turning to video to create something that goes viral and stirs up excitement, whether for increasing SEO or creating excitement for a new product launch. No production company can guarantee a viral video’s success, and if they do, you better watch out.  Even “buying” clicks can only go so far.  The key to a viral video being successful depends on whether it is incredibly FUNNY, jaw-dropping SENSATIONAL, or heart-rending EMOTIONAL.

There are many other uses for videos as well.  S-Films is ready to create the perfect video tool for your need.