Clients Expectations from a Video Production Company

So what can you expect when you contact us?  We will want to know some important variables in order to give you an accurate estimate.  Asking how much a video will cost (without knowing any variables) is like asking how long a piece of string is… the answer will always be “it depends…”

So what are the variables?  The biggest variable is talent.  Do you have any actors or spokespeople that we will need to hire?  Depending on the usage for the video, talent can be very expensive.

The next biggest variable is length of video—although that can be misleading.  Yes, a 15 minute video will generally cost more than a 5 minute video.  But a 30 second spot can cost the most.  But length is an important variable.

What is the average length of a corporate video?  The shorter the better usually.  Most videos are in the 2 minute range.  A few a little less, many a little more.  After five minutes, you need a very specific audience watching for a very specific reason.

The next big variable is the number of days shooting.  If you have three executives that need to be interviewed and they all can be shot in one day, it will be significantly less costly than interviewing them on three separate days.

So the first three questions from us that you can expect:

  • Is there any paid talent?
  • What is the length of the final video?
  • How many days shooting?

Now there are other variables as well—what is the concept of the video?  Documentary style?  Is the story told through a voice over or is it told through interviews?  Or a mixture?

Once all these questions have been answered, we can provide you with a pretty good estimate.

Should you choose us to do the video, here’s what you can expect next.  First up is to sign the agreement the estimate is on, we usually get a part of the estimate as down payment (and usually remainder on final delivery).  Then together with you, we plan out the pre-production and production schedule (for the Process, click here).

Our clients tell us that our two biggest advantages are that we tend to over-delivery and that we’re a lot of fun to work with.  We like to give everything we’ve got on your video project and we believe life’s too short to dread the work—besides, what we do is a total blast!  And hopefully, it comes through in our work.

Our Clients Love Us

Expect us to be Professional, Friendly and Creative.

We have produced videos for large Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses looking to grow. We’ve done work for non-profits and giant corporations. We have big agency production value with a small company “business by relationship” philosophy.