How Can a Film Production Company in Dallas Help With Filmmaking?

If you are planning to have a film made or make a video about your company, your services, or your brand, it’s extremely difficult to do that by yourself or all in-house. Filmmaking, while appearing easy, is a process that requires professionals who have a track record of success, taking an idea from conception, to writing, to filming and through the post production period.

There are six major stages of Filmmaking:

  • Idea: Here is where the story is born. The concept is created, the genre chosen.  It’s crucial here to have a strong image of the finish line in your head, so that you can pick the elements for the idea that give it the best chance of success when completed.
  • Development: Once the idea takes shape, the script is developed. While that is being written, revised and polished, the producer begins lining up the critical team members—starting with the production coordinator. Any name talent is selected, pursued and signed during this stage. The budget is created and rough schedules made.
  • Pre-production: Designs and plans are made to produce the film. A shooting schedule is crafted as per the storyboard, and the budgets are allocated. Everything that is required for shooting the film is created or put together such as equipment, costumes, makeup, props, and sets. The crew and cast are recruited at this stage. The crew can consist of the director, assistant directors, location manager, casting director, director of photography, production manager, production designer, art director, location sound mixer, gaffer, key grip and the rest of the supporting crew.  An editor is usually chosen in this stage.
  • Production: In this stage, the film production company in Dallas will conduct the actual shooting. Before the shooting, props are set up, lights are rigged, actors put on their costumes, etc. Footage shot during daytime are roughly processed and then viewed by the director. This process is done regularly (called “dailies” or “rushes”) so that the actors and crew are aware and motivated of how the film is progressing. When shooting is completed, the director concludes it by saying, “It’s a wrap!”
  • Post Production: This can be a very tedious process. The director and editor work closely to make the best decisions. A post supervisor is sometimes hired to oversee the shots and ensure everything is occurring on time. Scenes are edited, cut or shortened. When the edit is where it needs to be, it will become “locked”.  Now the sound designer and the music composer can begin to work. The Sound Designer works hard on creating dialogue, music and effects tracks.  Any graphic effects are created and inserted into the locked edit.  This might involve special fixes, such as painting out a boom pole in a scene, or it could be enhancing an explosion on the set that wasn’t quite big enough.  Also, credits are created.  Then, all the elements are brought back together for final coloring.  Sound from the designer and music from the composer are married with the locked edit.  This final cut now progresses to printing and duplication.
  • Distribution: This stage includes promoting the film as well as releasing it. There might be film showings, film festivals, press interviews, sharing on social media platforms, etc.

With a complicated path, it’s best to bring together a team that can accomplish creating and crafting a professional film.  Look to hire a film production company in Dallas that is experienced and utilizes techonolgy and the latest tools to give your film every possible shot at success. Serendipitous Films is a film production company in dallas that provide services that cover everything from creative direction and script development, through the use of live action filming, motion graphics designing, and post-production. Serendipitous Films is highly result-driven, with five feature films in worldwide distribution, and has more than 30 years of experience with over 40 awards for their amazing story telling and passion for filmmaking.