4 Occasions When You Need To Hire an Event Video Production in Dallas

Pictures are oh so passé.  The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has given way to “a video is worth a million.”  Video is the latest trend and is the perfect way to project and amplify the impact of an event. Whether you want to promote your business, inform existing customers about new services or products, launch a product about the services you provide, or send a message to your staff, event videos are extremely effective.

While video has a much better impact than still images, having video coverage of an event enables you to reach a global audience. Business are taking notice and investing in professional video coverage at corporate conferences and events.

People are drawn to video and it’s no different at events, conferences and tradeshows.  Whether used as an attention grabber, or a conference recap, utilizing video takes your company’s products or services to the next level.

If you are also planning an event for your business brand building or, for your employees, look for event video production in Dallas. A video production company can help you cover the following events:

  1. Award ceremonies

If your company is hosting an award ceremony, it is important to capture the magic of the event. These videos are a great marketing tool and help in image building by creating a lasting reminder of the event. You can hire the event production company to produce short video clips of individuals or businesses—called “packages” or “roll-ins.”. Interviewing the nominee or their friends and family is another great way to showcase the finalist before the winner is announced. S-Films can use multi-camera production to capture the true essence of the event and create an emotional recap that can be distributed to the attendees, keeping the message and magic in front of the audience for years to come.

  1. Conference Videos

If you are planning a conference, you can capture the event on video to maximize return on investment and give a lasting record. There might be some people who are unable to attend the event, or you want the video to go with your next newsletter.  You can even use the video for public relations, sharing your story with the general public or company stakeholders.  In these situations, a well-shot and organized conference video can come to your rescue. S-films can help you create the video ranging from a single camera shoot to multi-camera production that is web-streamed to reach a wider audience. The company can combine the PowerPoint content, presenter video and shots of delegates to make an engaging production.

For Sales Conferences, video production has the added impact of the event feeling like the red carpet in Hollywood.  Having camera people, lights, drones, sound, all come together to send a message to the sales team—you’re extremely important.

  1. Event Videos

In case you are organizing an event for publicity or brand building, reaching a large audience is important.  Video is the perfect medium to ensure the highest exposure and create a reminder of your event to help you communicate your message after the event has taken place. From product launch to award evenings, S- films will help you produce a professional event video production in Dallas to market your brand, reach the wide audience and showcase your talent.

  1. Exhibition Videos

If you are participating in an exhibition, then you need to produce content to make the right impression on the visitors. Exhibition space is expensive and it is important to maximize the return on investment to attract new customers. Hire S-films to create a video that will engage the potential customers and act as a conversation starter. The staff is experienced and knows that exhibition videos are different from promotional videos and work well without the audio. A well-designed motion graphics and captions will make your product or service stand out from the competitors and the crowd.

Another form of exhibition videos are the ones that play inside the program of the event.  These are usually pre-produced and can be comedic, emotional or heartwarming, or informational.  Companies use the comedic to break the ice with the audience or maybe as session starts or enders.  Emotional or heartwarming videos are used to accentuate important story points for the company.  And informational videos can save a lot of program time by being a scripted message, concisely written and compact to deliver the maximum message in the shortest time.

At S-Films, we are highly experienced in delivering all these type of videos.  We’d love to help you.