Screenfighting Workshop

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Weapons Master Doug Williams talks about Pistols

Hands-on Screenfighting Workshop!

On March 24-25, the Screenfighting Workshop will take place at S Films in the Studios121 building, 6125 Airport Freeway, Haltom City, TX.  To register, go to the store.  There are four classes at $49 each or take all four for $155.  If you take the special effects class, you can add a squib for $35 (this is where we’ll place a squib on you and you’ll experience what a bullet hit on screen is like).

Saturday, March 24

Screenfighting WorkshopWeapons 1 – Doug Williams Instructor – 8:30 to 12 noon

In this class, basic handling of pistols will be covered, with emphasis on the Law Enforcement techniques.  You will have hands-on experience with real weapons and will learn firearm safety, set etiquette with firearms, how to properly carry, present and fire the pistol.  The goal if this class is to give you the knowledge necessary to perform a law enforcement role and handle weapons like a seasoned law enforcement individual.

Weapons 2 – Doug Williams Instructor – 1pm to 4:30pm

This class will give you experience with a combat rifle, with emphasis on military and some law enforcement.  Different rifles will be discussed and handled and information given on what situation arise for different rifles and how they are handled differently.

Sunday, March 25

Screenfighting – Steve Krieger Instructor – 8:30 to 12 noon

This is not stunt training, but rather getting the actor to the point where a director can use you more in fight scenes.  You will learn what the basic types of punches are, how to throw them safely, and more importantly, how to receive a punch.  We’ll go over camera angles and how to best sell fighting to the camera.

SFX Coordinator Steve KriegerActing Around Special Effects – Steve Krieger Instructor – 1pm to 4:30pm

Special Effects coordinator Steve Krieger goes over the importance of being knowledgeable about special effects and how the actor can save a lot of money or cost the film a lot of money.  He covers safety and proper handling of items like breakable bottles and glass, as well as how to safely act in the midst of fire, rain and explosions.  For those that add a squib, you will actually get wired up and take a hit.  The experience you gain in these classes will help you go much further on the set.

For registration and to reserve your seat, go to the SFilms store.  The class size is going to be much more limited this time to ensure lots of hands on time, so make sure you sign up quickly!

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