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Drone UAV Preflight Checklist 3DR Solo

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3DR Solo Flight Checklists What follows is our UAV checklist specifically for the 3DR Solo drone (or UAV).  We require all operators to follow the checklist to insure safe and proper operation of the aerial platform. Before Leaving Charge drone batteries Charge controller Charge ipad mini Ensure GoPro Hero 4 has card   Arriving Exterior Location PREFLIGHT Visually inspect area of operation, noting poles, antennas and other physical hazards Observe wind direction and approximate wind speeds Place props on motors (make sure they are tight) Put fully charged battery on drone Remove Gimbal foam, protecting gimbal during shipping Choose launch site—make sure it is a safe place for an emergency “return home” command Place drone on launch site (must be away from metal and be level) Power up drone Discuss with Spotter the flight path and flight plan Power up…

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Unconventional Warfare in Corporate Video Shooting

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Video Recording Equipment and Specialty Tools We Use As technology forges on, new tools and techniques are being created that have made a recent dramatic impact on the corporate video landscape.  In the army, you have a soldier and a rifle.  In special forces, you have all sorts of different weapons and ways to get the job done. At Serendipitous, we feel that in addition to a strong “standing army” to cover your corporate story, that a “special forces” group is imperative to give the video an edge in this highly competitive battle field for the attention of the viewers.  This means thinking outside of the box– and in video production, the box is a static camera, about five feet high (where the cameraman’s eyes are).  Many video production companies tell the majority of the story from this point of…

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