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Top 3 Acting Tips – Movie Director to Actors

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Acting Tips from a Movie Director There are many acting tips from actors to actors.  Not much from directors to actors.  I have directed five feature films and have worked with hundreds of actors. (My first film “The Keyman” starring Adam Baldwin is available on iTunes and Amazon Prime).  Some of them famous, many of them local to the locations and cities we shot the film in.  But there are a couple of things I wish every actor knew on the set.  Things that could save me time and money in production.  Time and money allows me to spend more on areas I need it to tell the story. Director’s Job First of all, let me tell you what my job is as film director: Guardian of the Story.  Every decision I make should go through this filer– does it help…

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Acting: A Director’s POV

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“After the third time this actor approached me, I decided I would never cast him again.” “I got a real inside peek into what this actor was really thinking.  She forgot she was still mic’d and I was wearing my headsets.” “This actor was extremely talented.  But he hosed me in post with his performance.” These are thoughts of a working film director.  You can learn to save time, money and heartache in post, while cementing your reputation as a seasoned, veteran actor. Announcing a new workshop for Acting: A Director’s POV!  Join us Saturday April 12, 2014 for a 3 1/2 hours, hands-on workshop, from a director to an actor.  Register here. Daniel Millican, writer/director for five feature films has worked with Adam Baldwin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Sean Patrick Flanery, Joey Lauren Adams, Mimi Rogers and more.  On casting…

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How To Start A Feature Film

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First Steps to Making Your Own Feature Film How do I get started? One of the questions I get asked by new filmmakers is exactly how to get started.  They want to know what their next step is.  Here is an extremely practical, where the rubber meets the road answer to that question. What’s my First Step towards making my feature film? I usually start the answer by asking a couple of clarifying questions.  Do you have a screenplay written?  (If no, then that’s your next step).  It doesn’t have to be polished and locked for production, but needs to be complete.  Do you have any funding?  Usually the answer is no.  Have you set up the entity?  Usually, the answer is a look of confusion. So here goes.  First,you need to have some development money ready and able to…

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How to Land Name Actors for Your Film

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So you want to make a feature film.  You might have even heard that the biggest factor, bar none, for the distribution success of your movie is to cast name actors.  But how do you do it? The Name Actor’s 4 Factors First, you need to know the four factors that weigh in a name actor’s decision to be in your movie. A director they want to work with A script they want to do A producer or producing team they can trust The money I’ve had people go into this process thinking that they can land anyone for a price and it’s just not true.  I’ve had name actors turn down large amounts and I’ve had bigger name actors take a lot less.  So money is not the only factor.  And if you’re a first time director and you’re…

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