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TelePrompTer Prompter Use for Corporate Video

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How to use a Teleprompter (or prompter) for Corporate Video While shooting a corporate video, it might become necessary to use a teleprompter (often shortened to just “prompter”).  And today, prompter use is much easier and more available than it was twenty or thirty years ago.  The first prompter was built in 1950 and trademarked into the TelePrompTer company.  The use of the word became so common, the trademark became genericized.  When I first started in the industry in the late 80’s, the first prompter I used had a paper roll that we printed onto and was magnified up with something akin to an overhead projector. The principle of the prompter is to angle a coated piece of glass in front of the camera lens that will reflect on one side and not on the other.  This special glass gives…

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Lighting for the corporate interview

The Corporate Video Interview, Pt. 1

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One of the mainstays of corporate video production is the interview.  Also the mainstay for documentaries– they have a reputation for being on the dull side– unexciting… static.  It’s not always this way.  And some of the most engaging videos are full of interviews. Interviews are used to help tell the story.  Sometimes, they can be used as a substitute for a narrative– the pulling out of soundbites, linked together, tells the story without a script or narrator.  Or sometimes, interviews are used to help accentuate the narrative. First, let’s start with the mechanics of the interview shoot.  Most likely you’re interviewing a person who is not a professional actor.  In the corporate world, people will have different levels of experience with being interviewed.  Often, people are nervous.  They want to make sure they say the right thing.  Jobs have…

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