Video Production Company Reveals Three Reasons To Use Videos To Promote Your Business

If you are looking for an efficient method to swiftly expand your business, and exceed your current sales volume, incorporating video production in your marketing campaign makes a great deal of sense. Business organizations from varied industries are becoming increasingly aware of the rewards that video marketing holds for them. You can’t overlook the possibility that your competitors are already using marketing videos for promoting their business.

In this article, we would talk about the far-reaching impact of integrating visual productions in your marketing mix:

Three Reasons To Use Videos To Promote Your Business:

  1. Rapid dissemination of business information: the modern day consumers are smarter and have shorter attention spans. Also, they need accurate information before making the choice and they need it now. They choose to watch one to two minute videos over going through a brochure that would eat up ten to fifteen minutes of their precious time. A short video tightly scripted delivers maximum punch in the shortest timeframe.
  2. Extensive reach: Of course Google is the number one search engine. But number two?  That’s YouTube.  People are going there to find video information on your products and services.  Statistics suggest that 76%Americans spend over 40 hours browsing internet every month during which they watch over 20 billion videos collectively. The audience base already exists. All you have to do is to identify the segment that would be interested in your business offerings and reach them through strategically produced marketing videos. In addition, unlike conventional channels of marketing you won’t end up spending a lot of marketing dollars. Video marketing is the best method to ensure striking results within a very narrow time window. And as far as that number one search engine, Google?  Well, they weight videos on your website very heavily in searches.
  3. Stronger brand recall: By introducing marketing videos to your marketing mix you would be compelling the audience to stay engaged for longer time duration. The prolonged exposure ensures that the viewers soak in all the information pertaining to product or service, their functions, and benefits in a much effective manner. Demonstrative (Explainer) videos showing how a product or a service works prove very captivating and guarantee a stronger brand recall among the viewers. If you do it right, they feel a sense of urgency to buy your product or service. The odds of they buying your product increase exponentially with every exposure.

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