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Dallas / Fort Worth Aerial Photography & Aerial Video Production Services

aerial photography and video
The 8 rotor helicopter can handle cameras up to 18 pounds, which makes it great for anything from a GoPro to DSLR’s to even a Red Epic.

RC Helicopters and small high quality cameras have opened giant doors for getting shots that before only very expensive cranes could do. The advantage is that in the past, for aerials, you had to rent a real helicopter with an expensive gyro mount, that could cost well over $1000/hour and most of the time more expensive than that. And the manned helicopters usually can’t fly under 500 feet for safety considerations.

The remote controlled helicopters are able to get those aerial shots in the sweet zone– 60 to 200 feet, where the dramatic sweeps make much more impact. In this YouTube video, focusing on the demolition of an interior bridge, you can get the classic high and wide aerial shot… but as you see, you can take an RC copter under the overpass and get dramatic shots, quickly, without having to roll in an expensive crane. And then you can get the shots that start at eye level and rise up significantly from there.

The camera is controlled by rotating the helicopter left or right and a gimball controls the tilt, up or down. With the larger, multi-rotor helicopters, the wind becomes less of a factor and the camera platform a little more stable. But most RC footage will need to be “stabilized” in post. With the octocopter, the footage is more stabilized so the shots are usually more stable than the small RC craft.

For remote controlled aircraft, your limitations are usually the amount of batteries you can carry and the distance between the aircraft and the controller.

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Watch this video to see a live example of this:

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