BBB Spam Email

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BBB LogoThe spammers/virus spreaders/frauders keep getting better.  I *almost* clicked on the newest one yesterday.  I had an email from the Better Business Bureau telling me I had a customer complaint.  I didn’t click and here’s why.

If I get an email that reads a non-personal “dear valued customer” or “to business owner” a flag gets raised immediately.  If the BBB has a complaint against me, they know my name.  Same goes with all these spam/virus emails.  And as always, remember, do not click anything suspicious.

Next up, I hovered my mouse over the “click here” to check out the address of the link where they wanted to send me.  It was a numbered IP address. Another flag.  A legitimate link would have sent me back to the BBB website.  And watch out for the spoofers (seen a lot in the banking fraud emails)– they may put the business in the name or the URL, but it will be a sub page… so it will read something like or soemthing akin to that.

The danger with these can be mild to severe.  It might be somebody just trying to fool you (mild).  “Haha, got you to click.”  Could be a virus and once you click, big trouble (moderate to severe).  Or the landing page you click to looks legit and asks you to enter your social and other key things (identity theft and keytrackers).

So keep your eyes open on emails sent to you.  I don’t know what they’ll try next.

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