Dallas, Texas is Known for Corporate and Industrial Video Production

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Hollywood has movies. New York has television. For many years, Dallas has been known for national commercial spots, but also rising is the corporate and industrial video market. Being centrally located in the middle of the country, Dallas has proven over the last few decades to be ideal for major corporations to plant their headquarters. And corporations need videos: marketing videos, instructional videos, educational videos, commercials, and web videos. To be sure, Dallas also has a film and television market, but one of the fastest-growing sectors has been the corporate and industrial video industry.   At Serendipitous Films, we have produced five feature films, and several TV shows, but our biggest growth has been in producing corporate and industrial videos. Our clients have come to enjoy our big production-value look, with affordable pricing.  If your business, corporation, or industry needs…

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Editing in studio

The Corporate Video Interview – Pt. 3

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I’m editing a series of videos for a Fortune 500 global company.  They had crews from around the world shoot these.  I’ve seen some really good stuff, and some not so good.  So in today’s blog, here’s some problems to avoid. Shooting subject against a window might look good to your eye, but is a very tricky lighting situation.  There can be a difference of 5 or more stops between the ambient light on your subject and what’s outside that window.  So if you expose for the subject, the window is blown out.  If you expose for the window, your subject is dark.  With good lighting, you can get the exposure of your subject even with the outside exposure.  With this big editing job, I had about ten interviews sent in against windows.  One was lit nicely.  Half weren’t lit…

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